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Self published little green books printed on 100% recycled paper, and other magical green DVDs.

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  • Pip and Percy illustrated book

    Pip & Percy Sow the Secret to Nan's Tomato Soup

    Written by Kylie Allardice Ross, Illustrated by Caitlin Ziegler

    Percy is confused. No matter how hard he tries he cannot master his Nan's TOMATO SOUP Recipe. When Percy makes a wish to learn the SECRET to Nan's soup, he meets the magical gardener, PIP. Pip shows Percy the wonder of his own garden and shares Nan's secret... her SEEDS! But can Percy learn how to turn the SEEDS into his Nan's SOUP? With a little help from Pip he just might!

    A book for kids about planting, growing and cooking your own produce using HEIRLOOM seeds.

    Each book includes packet of organic, heirloom and non-hybrid tomato seeds and Nan's very own Heirloom Tomato Soup Recipe so kids can get planting and cooking!

    Self published by


    Pip and Percy illustrated book

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